Your Message on Autopilot

You have a prospect that says they want to learn more about what you do, you set the appointment, and then they no show!
Sound familiar?
Most companies and businesses follow some sort of system.

They have a prospect > They set an appointment with the prospect > Run an initial presentation > Set a Follow-Up Appointment > Close the prospect

The truth is only about 10-30% of prospects will follow through your whole system.

The Solution

Why not automate some aspects of your business to weed out the 70-90% of prospects who are not serious?
Enter Presentation Streamline.
What if you follow the same system but instead of setting individual appointments, why not have them go through your presentation without you having to be there?
Now your process can look like this:

They have a prospect > They set an appointment with the prospect > Autopilot the initial presentation > Automatic post-webinar form > Close the prospect

This process allows you to focus on prospecting, setting appointments by sending your prospect a link to pick a time and date that works for them, and then they attend, or they do not. You now can focus on prospecting and closing the ones who come through the system on the backend.
No more filling your calendar with unnecessary appointments.
Would you rather have 10 appointments a day knowing 7 of them wont even show up? Or setting 3 appointments per day with prospects who have already attended your webinar and expressed interest?

SYSTEM = Save YourSelf Time Energy and Money

Each System Includes

Custom Registration Page

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Automated Webinar

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Customized Post-Webinar Page

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Bonus Page to Custom Create What You Would Like

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